Iyengar Yoga workshops 2022

Workshop, saturday October 15, 2022

This workshop is in-depth for those who prepare themselves to Level 1 to 3

Cultivating Yogic Attitudes (see Yogashastra, Tome 5, blz. 45-48)
We go into the topic ‘citta prasadanam’ (a favourable and graceful disposition of citta/consciousness), ‘kriya yoga’ (yoga of action) en ‘pratipaksha bhavana’ (to reflect the other side)

During the workshop you will receive the detailed text from Yogashastra with explanation.

Are you a yoga teacher or not, in training or not, delving into yoga, … you are welcome!

Location: Breda, Oosterstraat 106
Start: 9.30 – 14.00 (incl. pause)
Costs: € 50,-

Teacher: Pascal Poell


In-depth classes

These classes are for those interested in deepening their weekly yoga classes, with extensive attention to personal guidance in the practice of asanas and pranayama.
These classes are also for those who have chosen to be mentored.

These in-depth classes are based on what is described (in the ‘Guidelines’) about Level 1, Level 2 (3). See more about this at mentoring.

Dates: November 5, November 26 and December 17

Start at 9.30 – 12.30
Costs: € 37,50
Location: Breda en/of Oosterhout

Teachers: Pascal Poell en Irma Menssink