Types of classes

Custom yoga classes for the elderly
Yoga is good for everyone, age plays no role. You can also decide at any time in your life to start it. In yoga practice breathing and relaxation are closely linked and both important for physical and mental health. It may be in old age that one is not able, or just don’t feel like joining a longer yoga class. Especially for these people, there are short classes of one hour per week. There are virtually no difficult or very strenuous exercises in these classes. Lees meer

Custom yoga classes at medical complaints
Medical complaints can be of various kinds, such as head, neck, shoulder, back, hip, knee or ankle complaints. This may have been caused by wrong bearing or overburden, accidents or after surgery. Psychological problems can have a cause in here as well, such as stress, depression, etc. In the medical class the yoga exercises are adjusted to the individual problems, so the exercises (asanas) will have the most effect, without forcing the body. Lees meer

Restorative classes
It could also be that the general condition or the energy level is so low that there is a need therefore to join a custom class. There may be several reasons for this, after a long illness or being bedridden or after surgery. There is special for very tired people a custom class in which no effort is required and the body postures are done mainly lying with props as a support. Lees meer

Pregnancy yoga
There is also a possibility at both locations to follow classes for pregnant women. Attention is given to all aspects of pregnancy and childbirth, supports with yoga exercises, breathing exercises, relaxation and awareness. There is also opportunity for postnatal yoga, and also this is given at both locations. After having a baby the female body often is out of balance and still has a low energy level. The hormone system must be balanced again (also depending on whether or not breast-feeding). Lees meer

Children’s yoga
Physical movement and a busy nature are natural for a child. Body and spirit of a child are still in development and that is why it is vital to stimulate the need for motion. Yoga promotes health, breathing and concentration. In addition to being active yoga also teaches to relax and gives peace without competition. Fun in practicing is what comes first. Lees meer

If you meditate, sit down quietly, and are going to be aware of the here and now, that brings you back to yourself, your true self, your soul, a deeper inner knowing. Lees meer